Benzoyl PeroxideThe action of benzoyl peroxide is rather complex, and it has been proved to be rather reliable. The truth is benzoyl peroxide is not so bad actually; otherwise it would not have been used for so many decades. That's why a lot of people still use this preparation thinking that it is the best "time-proven" and reliable. In fact, it is partially so. But benzoyl peroxide, being a good drug for acne treatment, surely is not perfect. And maybe it is not the best way to rely on something only because it is proven and tested by time.

Benzoyl Peroxide Advantages

The main advantages of benzoyl peroxide are the following:

  • benzoyl peroxide is a safe drug so it can be bought in any drug store without recipe;
  • benzoyl peroxide has been used for acne treatment for many years, therefore there is a wide experience of using this acne treatment product, which means that you can find any information about this preparation which you may require;
  • complex action of benzoyl peroxide assures effective removal of acne;
  • good results when using benzoyl peroxide can be achieved within 4 weeks from the beginning of its use, which is relatively fast comparing to some other preparations, which cure acne for months or even for years.

Benzoyl Peroxide Action

The principle of benzoyl peroxide's action is fourfold:

  1. benzoyl peroxide kills bacteria, directly concerned in causing acne, like Propionibacterium acnes and Staphylococcus epidermidis. Benzoyl peroxide effectively eliminates these germs as well as inhibits their growth and development;
  2. benzoyl peroxide has oxidizing action, thus decreasing inflammations;
  3. benzoyl peroxide has scaling action, removing needless cells of dead skin, which can block skin follicles, as well as scaling acne proper;
  4. benzoyl peroxide has a feature of suppressing production of skin oil in sebaceous glands. Some preparations based on benzoyl peroxide also absorb skin oil, which has been already generated. This is also a part of acne treatment, because it is a widely known fact, that skin oil (or sebum), mixed with scaled dead skin, chokes follicles (skin pores containing hairs), causing inflammation and acne in various forms and of various sizes.

Benzoyl Peroxide Side Effects

Still, benzoyl peroxide is not on any case perfect drug for acne treatment. The main reason for that is that this preparation has some serious side effects and contraindications. And these are not always some minor side effects or doubtful ones like thoughts about suicide with 0.005% of users, but authentic medical data signaling about some serious troubles. In spite of the fact that benzoyl peroxide has been used for ages, there are modern and more reliable drugs, causing fewer side effects and just better concerning many acne problems.

There are actually many other reasons for not using benzoyl peroxide. Natural acne treatment without this drug can be better and more, say, up-to-date. If you think that this preparation is best drug which can be applied in acne treatment, you are one hundred percent wrong.

Natural Acne Treatment

Benzoyl peroxide is not a natural drug. Natural medicines are better. Just like natural juices are always better than some carbonated drinks with sugar substitutes, natural medicines, at least made from natural constituents, are better than chemically synthesized preparations. Unfortunately benzoyl peroxide can rather pertain to the second group than to the first. Side effects, observed with some patients using this preparation, enable us to persuade you that you should look for natural acne treatment.

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